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Few games seem to approach the idea of the end of things like Season: A letter to the future. In Season, a “great cataclysm” is approaching to wash “everything away.” However, where most stories will have you fighting some great monster or threat, in Season your task is to explore and document the world outside your village while there’s still time. Season: A letter to the future seems ambitious in its storytelling, and we’ll see if it’s able to achieve its goals after it reaches its release date early next year.

The game is scheduled to launch on January 31, 2023, a date on which it plans to tell its slow and melancholy story. In the game, you play as Estelle, a young woman who leaves her isolated village via bike. Her goal is to photograph and record the world around her before things forever change. The game’s story may not end up a cheery one, but there could be solace in your attempt to connect with various folk found in your travels.

“It has been an absolute privilege to support the team delivering Season, said Producer Margherita Seconnino in a press release. “It has been more than a game for us; it’s a labor of love that stretched over a few years and several continents, bringing incredible talents together. We want to deliver an experience that speaks to you as it spoke to us, and we hope we manage to achieve that.”

Season: A letter to the future release date is in the near future

The story of Season is shrouded in mystery. What is the end of a season? What will change? It’s hard to glean based on the game’s description, but the vagueness and its gorgeous visuals are alluring. We’ll see just how the game pans out in the end once it launches early next year on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Season A Letter To The Future Release Date January Trailer 2

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