Seasons After Fall casts you as a forest-altering fox

Seasons After Fall casts you as a forest-altering fox
seasons after fall concept art (1)
Woodland animals conspiring as usual.

Sometimes, after inhabiting the bodies of grizzled soldier man, vengeful assassin man and medieval knight fellow, you may just fancy being a magical forest fox for a bit. That … sounded a bit like a Furry admission, but it’s really just a preamble to introduce Seasons After Fall.

Seasons After Fall is a side-scrolling platformer where you, as the magical fox fellow, need to manipulate the annual seasons to progress through levels. The teaser trailer (below) doesn’t explicitly show how this works, but you can infer from the action that it’s things like conjuring up autumn winds, making plants grow and the like. An accompanying press release also mentions freezing waterfalls.

What the trailer does show is a bear being woken from hibernation – which is, presumably, a fairly handy power to have if you need an awake bear all of a sudden.

Seasons After Fall will send you through forests, caves and across rivers, as you “manipulate an ecosystem that is as uncanny as it is marvellous to unveil the secrets of this world.”

Swing Swing Submarine are the developers behind this release, which is not due on PC (or anywhere) until 2016. So consider this a pretty early heads-up for these foxy frolics. Some concept art follows the teaser.

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