The Activision Blizzard earnings call has revealed that the second map pack for Modern Warfare 2 will hit towards the end of the year.Thomas Tippl, ActiBlizz’s COO and CFO, made the reveal while outlining the plans for the “back half of the year.”“With respect to the Call of Duty franchise, we plan to release the second map pack for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, which is currently in development at Infinity Ward,” said Tippl.There’s no word on whether this’ll be before Call of Duty: Black Ops launches in November, but we’d imagine so. We’d also hope that this is going to include some Spec Ops maps, but that’s probably a little less likely.The first map pack, the Stimulus Package, was a bit costly. We didn’t think it was worth the price, but it seems plenty were desperate for new maps – Tippl commented later in the call that “they’ve been selling incredibly well,” and that “the $15 [USD] price point has still provided a fantastic value to gamers.”

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