June 22nd, 2017

The Secret World needs you to fend off The Whispering Tide

secret world whispering tide

Dark days are still coming, beautiful humans. The events of The Secret World‘s Issue 7 update – the Bond-esque A Dream to Kill – have caused problems, and those problems need resolving.

Agartha’s portal to Tokyo is spewing out the Filth, and to get access to Tokyo, players are going to have to fend it off. Right now, this means that an Agartha portal has been infected, and players will have to gather resources to get through and beat back the Filth. The more a player contributes, the better they’ll be rewarded and the more success the community on the whole will have. Those aforementioned rewards (because you’re an MMO player and thus I know exactly what you’re really interested in) include clothing, outfits, gear, and even a pet.

The official news post points out that this is only the beginning of the fight that will eventually lead to the opening of Tokyo, with plenty more events to come as the conflict escalates.

You can get started on battling back the Filth now by logging into The Secret World.

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