August 23rd, 2017

The Secret World’s Christmas event sends players to Niflheim

The Secret World Christmas 2013 -  03

Denizens of The Secret World get Christmas too, you know, but theirs is less full of jolly fat men and presents and family arguments, and more full of snow and death and satyr-beasts scouring the land for naughty people to punish.

This year’s Christmas event, named “A Mother of a Season”, has players seeking out the Krampus in an attempt to beat the bugger up. Do so and he’ll open a portal to Niflheim – the mythological Norse realm of fog and ice – and if you’re particularly daring, you can follow him in. Do that and you’ll find a whole host of enemies and more than a few secrets… including a ritual to summon Hel herself, who can then be battled for rewards. Norse gods are really just loot pinatas, aren’t they?

However, you can also search out a way to summon Hel into the real world (well, the real The Secret World world) and battle her in a raid-size challenge. Not to be taken lightly, and there’s currently only one clue as to how to go about this, with a screenshot showing a location apparently related to the ritual.

There’s also a joyous little addition to PvP, with players able to become the Lord of Misrule. If you’re lucky enough to get this, then you’ll change appearance to look like the Krampus in a Santa outfit and get a host of new abilities, from a knockback shield to the ability to drop exploding presents. Only one person can be Lord of Misrule at a time and only for five minutes tops, plus whoever kills him gets to become him, so you’ve pretty much got a target painted on your head.

All of this should be in The Secret World right now. A tweaked version of last year’s End of Days event is also making a reappearance, so there’s plenty to keep you occupied.

The Secret World Christmas 2013 -  02
The Secret World Christmas 2013 -  01

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