TimeGate Studios has released a new video to its upcoming futuristic shooter Section 8.In the behind the scenes video, the development team discuss the role of Dynamic Combat Missions (DCMs) in the game.DCM’s  are contextual missions that emerge during the course of a normal multiplayer game, based on battlefield conditions.For example an AI VIP may “burn in” (drop in from the sky in a landing pod) and one team will need to escort him to his destination whilst the other tries to take him out.The Commando mission is another example and, if one team is struggling to take an enemy position, a commando may appear. He will help the struggling team with his impressive firepower and shields.The video also includes info on Deployables in the game – equipment and weaponry which can be called in throughtout the multiplayer game, like mobile AA, rocket turrets and tanks.IncGamers’ Tim MacDonald recently had a chance to get hands on with the game, read the preview here.

Paul Younger
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