SEGA has spilled the beans on the DRM they are to employ in the PC version of the upcoming Alpha Protocol. SEGA say that Uniloc: SoftAnchor is the system they will use, they do not use Steamworks, and PC gamers will only have to activate the product online after the initial install. The Steam release will also only use Uniloc: SoftAnchor.SEGA do say that the game will be sold with an ‘Internet Connection required’ label so gamers are well aware of the protection.The online activation can be used on a limited amount of PCs and can be deactivated via their servers in case you need to reinstall on another machine or your PC simply croaks. There is also some good news as SEGA will release an unprotected patch at some point in the future in case the Unilock servers are deactivated at any point.If you don’t have an internet connection, SEGA are allowing ‘workarounds’ to get the game up and running including a web based activation system where the game can be activated from any PC with web access.It sounds like SEGA are trying to be as accommodating as possible which is good news considering all the recent problems with DRM, especially UbiSoft’s always connected system and EA’s annoying Command and Conquer 4 internet connection requirements.SEGA has released a full FAQ concerning the release of  Alpha Protocol on the PC and the DRM in case there are any further questions needing answering.

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