SEGA Humble Bundle now has bonus games

sonic generations

As is tradition, the SEGA-themed Humble Bundle has now been expanded with More Games.

I’m not going into detail of what’s already there, both because I did that over here and because you can very clearly see every game in this particular Humble Bundle by clicking this link. The additions, however, are perhaps worthy of note. The first is Viking: Battle for Asgard, which I recall as being an okay-ish open world hack-and-slasher. The other addition is Sonic Generations, which I actually really like. Some of the levels are abominations that should never have seen the light of day, but there’s a lot of genuine Sonic-related joy in there, too.

Both of those have been added to the Beat the Average tier, which means that $3.81 (at the time of writing) or more gets you quite a lot of games and DLC.

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