Bayonetta on PC? Sounds like a plan to me.

If you remember yesterday’s story about the NeoGaf-created movement to encourage SEGA to release more PC ports, you’ll have a good idea what this is about. If not, that’s pretty much the summary. A twitter campaign with the tag #SEGAPCPorts has been trying to show the publisher that there’s a keen PC community out there who’d quite like to play some of the SEGA back catalogue.

Yesterday’s news was that SEGA’s community team had professed themselves to be “aware” of this effort, and today’s development is a petition to demonstrate the number of potential customers SEGA would have if it dedicated a little more time to porting. The petition suggests Vanquish, Bayonetta and Virtua Fighter 5 as three initial titles that would find a welcome home on PC, and says:

“We’re requesting that you port these initial three so that we can demonstrate that the PC market will support this type of content, allowing you to then make a better determination as to which games will best suit your PC audience going forward.”

Not a bad idea at all, especially as SEGA has some recent history here. Versions of Binary Domain, Jet Set Radio and NiGHTS into Dreams have all shown up on PC recently. As well as Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Obviously the publisher will know better than anyone whether the sales could offset the cost of porting the game, but it seems reasonable enough to ask.

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