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Of all the Fallout games that have come out since Bethesda acquired the IP, Fallout: New Vegas tends to receive the most praise from diehard fans. Notably, developer Obsidian made this entry rather than Bethesda, giving the game a unique flavor that overall seems to have resonated with fans more than Bethesda’s efforts. Although Fallout: New Vegas did not escape the criticisms commonly levied at the modern Fallout titles, such as their technical issues, many still see it as one of the best western RPGs around. With this in mind, talk surrounding a potential Fallout: New Vegas sequel may have started not too long ago.

This report came from GamesBeat reporter Jeff Grubb, who discussed it on his paywalled news show, Grubbsnax. Supposedly, both Microsoft and Obsidian remain in “very early” talks regarding this possible sequel, and, at this stage, it has not evolved into anything more than an idea. According to Grubb, it will likely take years before such an idea comes to fruition. These discussions do at least indicate an interest in “making something like that actually a reality.”


This has been considered for quite some time

Obsidian broached the idea of a sequel to Fallout: New Vegas as far back as 2013. At the time, Obsidian CEO Feargus Urquhart stated that he would love to create a sequel, and he had a few ideas regarding where it would take place. According to Urquhart, it would make sense to set Fallout: New Vegas 2 within the West Coast, much like the original game.

All of the most recent information regarding this supposed sequel to Fallout: New Vegas remains unverified, and it could take a very long time before we potentially hear anything official about it. Because of this, it may be worth it to not become too excited until more information comes out. Regardless, the thought of returning to the arid Nevada wastes does sound awfully tempting.

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