Blazing Griffin want to make a steampunk-themed, alternative reality sequel to The Ship. If you’ll turn your memory dials back a little way, you will recall that The Ship started life as a Half-Life mod and got a stand-alone retail release in 2007. The game offered a take on multiplayer not entirely dissimilar to how Assassin’s Creed eventually ended up doing it.

    As one of the people on board a ship, it was your goal to bump people off (somewhat stealthily) without first being killed yourself. Here’s Consolevania reviewing it back in the day.

    Anyway, Blazing Griffin (the same people who did the original, and Bloody Good Time, though back then they were called Outerlight) would quite appreciate being given £128,000 GBP through Kickstarter’s new UK-based site in order to make this sequel.

    Would you like to help them fund The Ship: Full Steam Ahead? You can get yourself in the game and everything.

    Here’s their pitch, in charming silent-film-o-style, to aid your decision.

    Peter Parrish

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