Ser Aylin mod controversy in BG3, explained

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There’s one Baldur’s Gate 3 mod that has garnered a flooding of controversy on Reddit, reaching over 16,000 upvotes. But what is this Ser Aylin mod controversy for BG3?

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Although the Ser Aylin mod is deemed to be harmless and supposedly gender-swaps Aylin, it does a lot more than just that.

Why Baldur’s Gate 3 fans are warning players not to use the Ser Aylin mod

Once available on Nexus mods, but now taken down, the Ser Aylin mod was part of a mod pack. This “no alphabets” pack had the sole goal of removing all of the queer characters in BG3, which then led to this Ser Aylin mod controversy.

There’s also no mention of any queer character or any queer identity in the game with this mod pack. It gets worse, as the mod creator spoke about removing people of color in future updates.

It’s incredibly tiring that in 2023 there are still people who hold such hatred in their hearts for minority groups such as the LGBTQ+ community and people of color, just to name a few. This Reddit post continues to explain how their website says that the mod “ensures that the gender and sexuality of world NPCs match medieval status quo.”

Ser Aylin mod controversy BG3
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So they’re okay with playing a fantasy game with other magical races like Dragonborn and Tieflings (which is not set in a typical medieval setting), but they draw the line at people of color? The majority of the TTRPG and D&D community is extremely diverse and welcoming to all kinds of people, no matter what you look like or who you love. So it’s very frustrating to see that modders are attempting to ruin a perfectly incredible game with their aged values.

Oh, and it’s also removing the vitiligo feature for “realism”. This is one of the most asinine features of this mod seeing as this is a skin disorder that has existed for over 1500 years BC, as the Redditor explains. So wouldn’t that be realistic? They allow dragons, illithids, and miniature giant space hamsters, but queer characters and skin disorders are crossing the line?

Overall, the main message of this article and this Reddit post is to avoid the Ser Aylin mod altogether, as it’s connected to an extremely hazardous mod that aims to create a ‘white supremacist paradise’, as the Redditor explains perfectly.

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