Session Pyramid Ledges

Session has some new tricks up its sleeve with latest update

School's in session. It's time to learn some new tricks.
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The team over at crea-ture Studios has just dropped the latest update to its skateboarding sim Session. This is the third update to the game, which is currently in Early Access on Steam, and it brings some sick new tricks for players to add to their repertoire. The update, technically labeled, also adds Pyramid Ledges to Session, one of New York City’s most iconic skate spots – IRL, not just in the world of video games.

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You can check out crea-ture’s update trailer to get a brief run-through (or skate-through) of what’s been added to Session.

The previous update to Session allowed players to partake in some friendly competition by challenging each other to games of SKATE through Steam’s Remote Play Together. With the intricate new tricks players can now perform, such challenges will surely become even more gnarly.

Show me what you got

Alright, enough with the preamble – here are all the new tricks you can now perform in Session. The first, and possibly most impressive, new trick is the impossible. It’s not the toughest trick in the world, IRL or in-game, but damn it looks slick.

Session Impossible

The impossible.

The skaters of Session have also learned the art of late flips. Normally, you would kick your board into a spin or shuv as soon as you pop it off the ground. But late flips add an extra layer of difficulty and style by waiting until the peak of your ollie before executing them.

Session Late Flip

The late flip.

No skater should ever ride with their feet glued to the board. So, in the latest update to Session, crea-ture Studios has decided it’s time to separate your left and right feet from your board. This new freedom of feet will allow you to perform sexy one-foot ollies.

Session Ollie North

The ollie north.

In the spirit of freedom, Session has also gained a Board Control feature. This new feature gives you even more control over the positioning of your skateboard. It doesn’t just look good, it also allows you to get better positions on your grinds and slides.

Session Board Control

Board Control adds extra finesse to your skate.

Get your cameras out

At some point in their lives, every skater has thought they could be the next Tony Hawk or Geoff Rowley (I’m showing my age here with these names). On your road to skate stardom, you grabbed a friend, who grabbed his camera, and you hit the streets to film some of your finest tricks in action. It’s a staple of all skate crews.

And now, Local Filmer Mode will make this a staple of Session, too. This experimental mode lets a player with a second controller or Steam Remote Play Together take control of a second camera and capture your skate sessions. You can then watch what you film in the replay editor.

Session Local Filmer Mode

This is possibly the most skater thing to ever happen to a skateboarding sim. I love it. No doubt YouTube and other social media platforms will too.

Session is currently available for PC through Steam Early Access for a reasonable $19.99. We also put down some impressions of the skateboarding sim for you to check out.

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