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Setting an FPS cap in Battlefield 1 may help with stuttering and GPU usage

Setting an FPS cap in Battlefield 1 may help with stuttering and GPU usage

Battlefield 1 has not been performing perfectly for everyone with cases of stuttering, crashes, and high GPU usage.

There’s a few suggestion on how to resolve this issue kicking around but this one seems to be working for a lot of players experiencing stuttering issues. It may not work for you but it’s worth a try.

What’s being suggested is to set a cap on the FPS and to this can be achieved by carrying out the following actions.

  • Press the  tilde (~) key
  • Type in “gametime.maxvariablefps X”
  • Change the X to the cap you want to set such as 60.
  • This has to be typed in every time but you can set a config file.

To set it in a config file do the following.

  • Open Notepad and type in the console command above.
  • The call the file user.cfg and save it inside your Battlefield 1 install directory using the “Save type as” option.
  • This file will now be initiated every time the game loads.

Some users have also been experiencing a DirectX function error and there doesn’t appear to be one solution for this. If you are experiencing this, take a look at this thread on the BF1 forums where there are some suggested solution. This may require and update from DICE to fix this but some of the suggestions might work for you.

The bottom line is, DICE obviously still have some work to do but then it wouldn’t be a DICE Battlefield game without some annoying PC issues at launch.

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  • Al Goodall

    Having XBOX DVR enabled in the Windows 10 XBOX app, Shadowplay share function enabled in Nvidia Experience enabled and Windows Superfetch service running can all contribute to serious lag and FPS issues in BF1. Check out this post, https://forums.battlefield.com/en-us/discussion/36314/fps-dips-stutter-high-cpu-usage-disable-shadowplay-or-try-these-tips I was having serious lag and framedrops on all settings DX12 and 11.

    My system
    I5-6600K OC’d @ 4.5Ghz
    16GB DDR 2400Mhz

    GTX 980Ti

    After following the guide in the post I’m running the game fully maxed out @ 1080p DX12, getting a framerate of between 120-30FPS even in the busiest maps.

    • Paul Younger

      Thanks for that Al. Hopefully it will help some people.

      • Al Goodall

        Your very welcome Paul 🙂


    helps alittelbit but game does is stutter here and there anyways…an int FU….NG anoying Nexst battlefield “maby WW2” i will go consoll