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The speedrunning organization Games Done Quick posted its list of games coming to Summer Games Done Quick 2021 this July. Typically, I expect more 8-bit games than I could shake a pixelated stick at. However, I’m pleased with what’s on offer for the event this summer. The games list for SGDQ 2021 is loaded with plenty of PC titles, ranging from classics to modern releases.

I suppose Half-Life counts as a classic game now, right? I’m going to say yes and bear the brunt of frustrated older players later. There aren’t many older games on the list, but Half-Life: Opposing Force and Grand Theft Auto III should tickle the nostalgia pleasure centers of your brain. Metal Wolf Chaos XD, a re-release of From Software’s 2004 mech shooter, is also on the list. Arabian Nights is making its comical return after being featured during AGDQ 2018. For those who don’t recall, following the speedrun of so-broken-its-funny Arabian Nights people demanded it come back to modern platforms. And GOG did so the very next year.


The SGDQ 2021 games list includes quite a few recent PC releases. Doom Eternal will be there, with runner BloodShot9001 showcasing both Ancient Gods DLCs. Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time will be shown, as well as Ghostrunner — a natural fit for both. Destiny 2 will also come back once more, this time as a six-person co-op run of the Deep Stone Crypt.

Arabian Nights Sgdq 2021 Games List Pc Summer Games Done Quick

The Arabian Nights run couldn’t have been more perfect, and I can’t wait to witness the madness again.

Don’t call it a runback

SGDQ 2021 will be fully online once more when it returns on July 4. The organization will have been fully online for one year since the start of the pandemic, with AGDQ 2020 as the last in-person event. Once more, SGDQ will take donations to benefit Doctor’s Without Borders. Last year, SGDQ brought in more than $2.3 million USD from 33,709 donations.

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