If you want to play Shadow Complex on the PC now is a pretty good time to do so, because Shadow Complex Remastered is free on our platform for a limited time.

There’s a slight catch. It uses the Epic Games Launcher, so you’ll be stuck with yet another digital ‘launcher’ platform on your machine for a bit. That also means creating an Epic Games account. Still, that’s a pretty minimal price to pay for freebie Shadow Complex.

It’s probably going to get hammered for a bit, so if the site (or the launcher) are struggling that’s probably the reason.

Here’s what’s new in Shadow Complex Remastered (quite a bit, since it was originally an Xbox Live Arcade title only):

New Features:
– Up-rezzed characters, enemies, environments, and interface.
– Updated lighting, post-processing, and visual effects.
– New contextual melee take-downs.
– New Achievements and Master Challenges.

Platform Features:
– PC versions support keyboard/mouse and PC controller with customizable controller and key bindings, and up to 4K resolution support.

It’s not entirely clear how long it will remain free, but it’s said to be available “for the holidays” so maybe up to Christmas or something similar.

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