In potential successful-game-gets-sequel news, a reference to Shadow of Mordor 2 has been found in the resume of stunt talent Lauren Mary Kim. The credit for spotting this would appear to belong to the site Nerdleaks.

    At the time of writing, you can indeed still see reference to motion capture stunt work in Shadow of Mordor 2 (actually listed as Shadows of Mordor 2, but I doubt they’re making a follow-up to this text adventure) in Kim’s CV.

    The first game did very well for Monolith, and introduced the promising ‘Nemesis System’, which, weirdly enough, nobody else seems to have nabbed for their own game yet.

    A sequel to the first Shadow of Mordor would hopefully expand on that System in interesting ways, and will no doubt contain many and various creative ways to slay hapless Orcs. Unless (and this is pure speculation) you get to play an Orc in this one. That would be quite something.

    Peter Parrish

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