Shadow Of Mordor’s final DLC, The Bright Lord, is a must play for fans of the game and Lord of The Rings alike. Take down Sauron as his estranged friend Celebrimbor.

This will be the most challenging part of the game ever, with the difficulty level raised on the Nemesis system. Warchiefs are scaled up to level 25 and enemies are hardier and more intelligent.

Your playable character has been adjusted as well, taking less punishment, rebalanced power ability combos, etc. Instead of Ranger skills and healing flowers, you will have to sacrifice Orc followers and take their health.

Spoilers follow below. Fans who’ve played the game or know the lore may already know this.

Of course, Celebrimbor was the man who was once friends with Sauron, and forged the three rings for the elves while Sauron made one of his own.

In the events of the game, Celebrimbor didn’t actually die as mentioned in the books, but became a wraith while being tortured for the location of the rings.

Celebrimbor semi-possessed Talion, pretending to be an evil spirit, in the course of seeking revenge against Sauron. In the final part of this game, you will control Celebrimbor directly, in his final true battle against the Dark Lord.

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