There’s a new¬†Shadow Warrior 2 patch out for those enmeshed within the cult of Wang, taking the game to version Among other things, it adds chat to multiplayer (text, I presume, though it doesn’t clarify), makes a couple of Engine related fixes, and adds more options to Photo Mode.

In addition, it tweaks a certain boss battle in Shadow Warrior 2 (minor spoilers in the changelog regarding that if you haven’t beaten the game yet). There are also multiplayer and gameplay fixes galore, all of which can be read in the patch notes below.

Here’s what you can find in version

Balance and gameplay changes:

Boss spider: on higher difficulty HP will be restored only up to phase-related tiers.
Boss spider: fix for lack of stomps during movement.

UI changes:

– Added Multiplayer Chat
– Browsing a list in the equipment menu will now stop when reaching topmost or bottommost item on the list.
– Added an option to skip prologue when starting New Game Plus
– Orbs of Masamune count will be displayed only after picking them up for the first time
– Fixed a crash with entering the inventory while dropping a turret weapon
– Weapon Selection Circle now supports inverted mouse, improved mouse selection acuracy
– ‘Resume game’ will no longer be grayed out when using controller
– Normalized aim responsiveness for controller

Engine fixes:

– Fixed refraction
– Compressed audio files / sound stutter fix
– Fixed shadow flickering

Photo mode:

– Editable text boxes
– Fixed screenshot saving issue for non-unicode languages in Windows.
– Fixed slow-mo effect and mouse speed when entering photo mode while performing Vortex attack
– Added ‘Sharpen’ option in photo mode
– Added ‘DoF strength’ option in photo mode
– Added ‘Lock first person camera’ option in photo mode

Multiplayer fixes:

– Fixed being stuck on menu screen when dying
– Fixed Marvin special rabbit proc
– Fixed Second Chance perk
– Fixed a blocker when players sometimes got stuck when using a vendor and teleported to a boss fight.
– Fixed Vanish being cast on host when a client used Blade of Exile
– Fixed interacting with vendors for co-op partners
– Fixed a situation in which client could lose a deployed turret weapon after disconnection / leaving the game
– Fixed host crashing when a client leaves game after using a turret weapon
– Fixed recovering multiple turrets in multiplayer mode
– Fixed a cutscene for clients in “Ninja’d Scrolls – Part 1” quest
– Client turret will now consume ammo
– Fixed the disappearing portal for co-op partners in “Big Trouble in Calamity” quest
– Fixed lack of music in main menu after disconnecting from co-op game
– Fixed gates for co-op partners in “Big Trouble in Calamity” quest
– Fixed several stability issues
– Fixed players gaining/losing movement speed
– Fixed acquiring Blade of Exile by co-op partners
– Fixed rotation of quest items for co-op partners
– Fixed disappearing minimap icon of shrines

Gameplay fixes:

– Fixed XP gain after reaching character level 95
– Fixed potential blocker while fighting Belly
– Fixed places in the Hub where player could get stuck
– Fixed weapon being transparent after it was used as a turret during Vanish and later picked up after Vanish ended
– Fixed hold RMB to channel healing
– Fixed auto weapon change when out of ammo.
– Fixed client climbing cancel on cutscene launch
– Fixed weapon autochange after running out of ammo for manual detonator and laser guidance gems
– Fixed places where player can get stuck (mountains_9)
– Fixed a rare issue with katana force slash crashing the game.
– Fixed places where player can get stuck (science_1)
– Fixed door opening in Yakuza Mansion
– Fixed enemy Herculon not attacking after loosing an arm
– Enemy navigation fixes
– Fixed enemy Hammerhead behavior after losing left arm
– Fixed weak spot achievement for melee weapons
– Fixed issues with enemies using ‘harpoon’
– Fixed Ancient Goddess Ameonna hp bar on death
– Fixed sending sound signal from explosions

Skyrim Special Edition 1.2 Beta Update available on Steam

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