shadow warrior 2

Flying Wild Hog and Devolver Digital have done a favour to videogame headline writers everywhere by announcing Shadow Warrior 2, a Wang-packed sequel to the rebooted series.

A recent tweet with a big two in it, and the question “Who wants some more Wang?” pretty much spells it out.

The official Shadow Warrior site is also fairly unambiguous, with another large two and some looping background footage of Lo Wang. There’s not a whole lot more in the way of details at the moment, other than the fact that Flying Wild Hog look like they’ll be handling developer duties again.

I’ll presumably be another melee-and-bullets FPS-fest, but you never know, they might have turned it into a point and click adventure or something.

Devolver Digital will be at E3, so it’s probably safe to say that if a Shadow Warrior 2 trailer doesn’t emerge before then, that’s where it’ll be shown.

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