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Second gameplay trailer for Shadow Warrior 3 shown during Devolver Digital E3 showcase

Doom and destruction.
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Fans of Doom and Serious Sam may be familiar with Shadow Warrior 3 by now. It was announced at last year’s Devolver Digital E3 showcase. If you haven’t heard of it yet, however, think of it as an arena shooter with clear inspiration from the aforementioned titles plus a Chinese Shaolin vibe and a heavy dose of humor. Also, there’s a dragon demon that wants to destroy the world. Interested yet? Check out the latest the gameplay trailer for Shadow Warrior 3 below.

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This trailer is very much to the point. It’s all fast-paced action, with the player slaying out in style. Players get to use all kinds of guns, a katana, leap and grapple around the environment, and perform finisher moves on the different enemies. You can do things like take their weapons, rip out their eyes and use them to freeze other enemies, and more. The enemies are all kinds of weird amalgamations of flesh or just flat out evil looking things inspired by Chinese mythology.


Some of the enemies and even the levels look similar to last year’s gameplay trailer. That bit isn’t very impressive. We do see some more environments though, new enemies, and guns in action. Consider this just another teaser. At the very least, it does well to show off how intense the gameplay can get. Developer Wild Hog Studios even managed to find someone competent enough to play the game, unlike the awkward gameplay that tends to occur far too often in other reveals.

Cut to the story

More Shadow Warrior 3 gameplay is great and all, but an extended story trailer or two might be what you’re looking for if this is the first you’ve heard of the game since last year. We can help you out in that regard. Check out the Damn Dam and Doomsday Device trailers that came out not too long ago to learn a little more about Shadow Warrior 3 as a whole.

Devolver unfortunately didn’t mention a release date, but still claims the game is on track for a release later this year. We should find out soon enough when this title will land on its feet and take a stab at the arena shooter genre.

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