Shadow Warrior developer, Flying Wild Hog, working on two new games

shadow warrior 3 delayed 2022 release date

Flying Wild Hog, the studio behind the rebooted Shadow Warrior series has two more projects under wraps. Currently, the developer is hard at work on Shadow Warrior 3 and Evil West. However, a new post on Flying Wild Hog’s page revealed that two new games are in the works, one with the help of Jagex of RuneScape fame.

Flying Wild Hog’s post begins by going over the projects we already know about. Shadow Warrior 3, which features the same joker of a ninja but with grappling hooks, is set to release this year. Evil West, the second project in development at Flying Wild Hog, made its debut just this past December at The Game Awards. It places players in the shoes of Jesse, a rough n’ tumble cowboy who slays the undead. When it releases, players will be able to dive into this vampire-ridden Wild West with a co-op partner. However, more information will be coming out on it later this year.


What’s in the works at Flying Wild Hog besides Shadow Warrior?

Besides those two games, there are two mystery projects in the works at the Polish studio. Sadly, today’s post didn’t reveal much of anything about either project. However, there was one interesting tidbit that’s too good to pass up. One of these projects is being developed in a partnership between Flying Wild Hog and Jagex, a familiar name to any fan of MMOs. Jagex is the developer behind RuneScape, the massively popular free-to-play fantasy MMO.

However, Jagex’s involvement here isn’t that much of a surprise. The studio was recently acquired by The Carlyle Group, a massive global investment firm. The press release from that acquisition hinted towards what Jagex would do with the additional support. Besides bolstering its bread-and-butter game, RuneScape, Jagex CEO Phil Mansell also said that the developer would use its “expertise to publish third-part games from like-minded online game developers, and invest in the incredible tech and talent that powers this all.”

While there’s a lot of mystery surrounding these two new games, all will be revealed soon. Both are set to be shown off to the public sometime this year. However, Shadow Warrior 3 and Evil West still don’t have a release date.

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