September 5th, 2017

Shadowgate trailer shows lots of ways to die

Shadowgate trailer shows lots of ways to die
YOU DIED wait no that’s Dark Souls.

Death is an omnipresent part of video games, but old adventure Shadowgate is infamous for the many and varied ways it murdered the player.

This new trailer pays homage to that history, showing a myriad ways that death can befall your hapless protagonist in the forthcoming remake. Perhaps you’ll be killed by a dragon, or a drake, or dragged underwater by a tentacled monstrosity. You might be crushed by falling rocks, fall through a bridge, or be sucked into the void. You might be splattered, asphyxiated, frozen, incinerated, or eaten, all because you had the gall to pick up an item/not pick up an item/try to move to a new screen/not move to a new screen fast enough.

Have a look at the trailer below to see part of the game’s whirling kaleidoscope of death scenes. The Shadowgate remake is due out on 21 August.

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