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It’s raining, naturally.

It’s only been up a day (not even a full 24 hours,) but the Shadowrun: Hong Kong expansion Kickstarter has already raised more than twice the requested funding. Harebrained Schemes pitch set out to raise $100,000 USD, but have already (at the time of writing) reached $268,000.

From this, we can surmise that people really, really want to see more Shadowrun campaigns. The initial Shadowrun Returns game was released in mid-2013 to generally positive reviews, but the Dragonfall campaign from last year appears to have really cemented the title as a beloved RPG.

Shadowrun: Hong Kong will now offer a brand new campaign, with a new cast of characters. Thanks to the stretch goal of $200,000 already being met, one of those characters will be the Russian roboticist-turned-rigger Rachter. He’ll join Ork street shaman Gobbet, security specialist Duncan Wu and dwarf decker Is0bel.

The new character stretch goal, for former red samurai Gaichu is set at $400,000.

On the way there are Gobbet’s side-mission ($300,000) and improved sound ($350,000).

Even before this Kickstarter success, Harebrained say that Shadowrun: Hong Kong was already several months into development and on schedule for a release in mid-2015 (the $15 digital copy buy-in has an estimated date of August.)  With the way the money is flowing in, the initial plan (and schedule) for a 12+ hour campaign may well be extended.

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