Cliffhanger Productions has sent out a newsletter revealing that the developer is working on Shadowrun Online, a browser-based MMO version of the pen and paper RPG.
    The game is in the early stages, with only a single ‘early prototype’ screenshot (right) released with the announcement. Indeed, Cliffhanger is still seeking a publisher and distributor for the isometric title.
    Shadowrun creator Jordan Weisman is said to be on board with the project in some capacity, so that should help with development.
    Details are fairly scarce at present, but it’s stated that the game will feature two distinct parts; the action map (where missions are performed, complete with hacking, guns and all manner of Cyberpunk goodness) and the preparation overview (in which you use action points to scheme, plot your missions and generally lay the groundwork for the action).
    For those who want to forget that the Xbox 360 version of Shadowrun ever happened, the developers have calmed fears by saying “it is nothing like the xbox game”.
    Source: cliffhanger-productions.com

    Paul Younger
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