Shadwen Is Coming To Pc And Ps4

Frozenbyte are preparing a new game for PC and PlayStation 4 that will have the title Shadwen.

It’s an steal action game that will be launched in May, with Shadwen being priced at $14,55 for its PC version.

The word “stealth” will be very important, since if the enemies catch you during the levels, it’s game over. It’s the typical hide & sneak concept, including some interesting twists.

For example, the female main character Shadwen will have to battle with moral issues, because she has to protect Lily’s innocence, an orphan that will follow her through her quest. This means that the female assassin will have to think twice about killing people in general, since it might affect other aspects of the story too.

Except for the freely attachable rope and various traps, the player will have the power to manipulate his past and present actions in order to gain an upper hand on his “enemies”. There will be different strategies available during every single mission in this dark medieval province and we’ll have to see how the developers will combine all these aspects together.

You probably remember Frozenbyte from games like Trine and we are pretty sure that we will here more information regarding the PS4 version in the coming days. You can watch the official trailer announcement below.

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