“We have to get over this core network architecture fence before we can release!”

Joystiq caught up for a chat with DayZ standalone developer Dean “Rocket” Hall at GamesCom, to get an update on what the crazy-heck is happening with that game. According to Hall, the title is waiting on “the core network architecture” which, he explains, is “… the kind of thing only a few people can work on. It’s very specialized.”

While that’s happening, the artists and designers are keeping busy too, but the network architecture can’t be rushed and apparently cannot simply have more people thrown at it. Even though he expects the alpha version to be riddled with bugs, the one thing Hall needs in place prior to letting the public have a go is a robust multiplayer structure.

Interestingly, he doesn’t seem too worried if people drop their interest in the game due to the delays. In fact, he seems fairly satisfied with that possibility.

“I think if DayZ has a soft launch it’s the best thing that can happen to it,” he says. “If most of the community who maybe thought DayZ was cool a year ago and now they think it’s lame, I think that’s probably good for us. We don’t need to sell that many copies to break-even. We want to be a hardcore game and I think if we make a good game people will come back.”

Hall also states that “the worst thing we could do” would be to launch the game too early. So keep your patience, DayZ fans. It could still be a while yet.

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