Shareholders Show Lack Of Confidence In THQ

THQ’s stock price fell by almost 26% today, to $4.40 USD per share, putting it at its lowest level since November 2010.
Gamasutra speculates that this drop is in part due to poor reviews for the recently released Homefront which, if accurate, serves to highlight the absurdity of the industry’s reliance on a flawed Metacritic system. The average score recorded for Homefront at Metacritic (across all platforms) is currently 74/100 – a rating that, by most sane assessments, would be considered relatively high.
In the world of videogames however, where a ludicrous scoring system of 6-and-upwards is commonplace at sites with no integrity, it represents a flop.
THQ has also suffered from poor sales of de Blob 2 (which John rather liked) and a severe dip in sales for the Wii-based uDraw tablet.
Read our verdict on Homefront, here.

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