Shelter 2 being released into the internet wilds in March

Might & Delight have announced that their kitten-caretaking simulator, Shelter 2, will launch on 9 March.

Shelter 2 puts you in the paws of a lynx mother looking after her teeny-weeny adorable kittens in a big open world. You’ll need to protect them and feed them and so on, and you will want to, because they’re oh-so-adorable. So adorable.

Shelter 2 - 05

Pre-orders for Shelter 2 will open on 25 February, and will offer a unique version of the mother lynx based on the Iberian Lynx (which isn’t native to the game’s biome), as well as a free soundtrack. A free version of the soundtrack to Shelter 2, that is; it’d be a bit weird if it offered you a soundtrack to a film.

So: pre-orders open on 25 February, and you can play the game itself on 9 March. Hooray for kitties!

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