Shelter 2 getting mountains, foxes, and polar bears

Shelter 2 will be getting a mountainous DLC, adding a new region and some new prey and predators to the gorgeous lynx-’em-up.

Shelter 2: Mountains will add a space station. No, not really; it adds mountains. I mean, come on. It’s called Mountains. What were you expecting? The highlands region offers both high peaks and lowland forests, and a new set of creatures to encounter – some of which will act as both prey and predator, so I am hereby christening them “preydators”. Expect polar bears, foxes, and those bloody eagles from the original Shelter to make appearances throughout.

There are also plenty of new hidden areas to find, two new pieces of music, new weather effects, four new lighting schemes (a rich winter evening, a misty autumn, a cold spring, and a vivid summer palette), and a bunch of new collectibles and achievements, including a new Lynx skin.

Shelter 2: Mountains is due out this summer. No word on pricing or anything of that sort yet, I’m afraid.

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