September 5th, 2017

Shelter 2 offering replayability with genetic kitty colours

Shelter 2 - 03
Kitty wants to give the nice deer a hug.

Forthcoming heartbreaking open-world lynx survival game Shelter 2 will offer some replayability via the magic of hereditary kitty colours, Might & Delight have revealed.

Here’s how it works: when you start playing Shelter 2, you create the first in your lynx family tree, and your litter of cubs join said tree. Once you finish the story, the surviving cubs become playable – and each of those cubs will have a slightly unique colour. That cub’s own litter will visually vary, based on its parent colours, and then they’ll become playable when the story is finished again. The upshot of this is that, after a few playthroughs, you’ll wind up with a protagonist that has a rather unique colour and patterning.

I’ll be honest with you: having a protagonist that looks slightly different probably isn’t enough to make me replay a game. However, being that Shelter 2 is set in an open-world and has a fair degree of freedom, it seems like the sort of game that will actually encourage multiple playthroughs just through its basic mechanics.

Shelter 2 is due out sometime in autumn.

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