Might & Delight will be returning to the Shelter 2 world with a spin-off tale called Paws, featuring a lost lynx cub. Playing as the cub, and (it seems) hooking up with a young bear, you’ll need to find your way through the world and back home.

Together with the bear, it’ll be necessary to overcome obstacles and make your way through the “dark and dank surroundings” of the sprawling landscape. Most aspects of Shelter 2 seem as if they’ll be present in Paws (though obviously you won’t be bringing down large game as a lynx cub), and a new “ability to follow tracks using your sense ability” has been added as well.

Otherwise, it’ll be a more linear, crafted experience than the freer-form Shelter 2.

Paws will be out on 24 March. Here’s a trailer.

Peter Parrish

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