June 22nd, 2017

Shelter devs release free children’s book

shelter the circle

Might & Delight have released a free children’s book based on their recent mum-’em-up Shelter.

Shelter has you take the role of a mother badger trying to keep her cubs safe and fed on a journey through a number of dangerous environments, avoiding threats ranging from birds of prey to wildfires. It’s sort of like The Animals of Farthing Wood: The Game. And now, in case you haven’t had enough heart-rending badger-saving action, you can download a free children’s book based on the game in PDF format.

The little book – called The Circle – is apparently aimed at children, and focuses on one of the badger cubs trying to understand the world. It is, quite honestly, worth a look for the gorgeous artstyle alone.

You can find The Circle here, and you can pick up the gorgeous Shelter on the official website for $10 USD.

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