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Exorcism has never looked this stylish before. The upcoming playable character for Genshin Impact, Shenhe, just received a brand new character demo, showcasing many of her new abilities. She also has a super wholesome relationship with her fellow popsicle-bearing exorcist, Chongyun, and the two of them exorcise demons together. Okay, really, they just defeat some basic mobs in the overworld. But it’s still pretty cool to see.

Shenhe is a disciple of the Cloud Retainer and a powerful member from a clan of exorcists. Living with adepti, Shenhe has a strong will and a great talent for the adepti arts and her craft. A lot of mystery surrounds her character, and in a fun little twist, she’s also Chongyun’s aunt. At the end of her trailer, Chongyun appears to recognize Shenhe, and refers to her as “his auntie.” Looks like exorcism is a family business.


A new cryo support

Shenhe showcases many of her new abilities she’ll bring to Genshin Impact, and pairing her with Chongyun also highlights the role she’ll take in the game. Cryo characters are immensely popular right now in the game’s meta, so it makes sense for miHoYo to cash in on the meta-chasers. Shenhe is a unique character that buffs other Cryo characters. That limits her role quite a bit, as she really is only useful with other Cryo characters. In other words, if you don’t have a strong affinity for the element of ice, maybe Shenhe won’t suit your tastes.

Shenhe will release in Genshin Impact Version 2.4, which is set to release tomorrow on January 5. She’ll appear in a double banner alongside Xiao, who’s getting a rerun. In addition to these two, the playable characters Zhongli and Ganyu are also getting reruns. I can hear my wallet crying from my pockets, but alas.

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