Shenmue III hide and seek hiding places guide
See, a path in the sunflowers. I know, this is pretty easy to figure out. Who are you, my uncle Stavros?

As soon as a small group of children gathered around Ryo in Shenmue III and declared that they wanted to play and had information, I knew exactly what was coming. Ryo was going to have to find the kids in order to get the info he needed. If you’re like me, you’re sick of this trope. It’s certainly not difficult to find them, but if you’d like to simply be told where they all are, I’m here to help with this Shenmue III hide and seek hiding places guide.

There are four kids to find in different places. Ryo can look around for them the old-fashioned way, but seeing as this is a Shenmue game, he can also blatantly cheat and ask nearby villagers if they saw any kids running around. Ryo doesn’t have time to play fair and square, and neither do you.

The first kid

The first kid can be found in a maze in the sunflower patch. Simply walk towards the center and you’ll see an opening you can walk into. From there, the kid is somewhere on the right. I’d tell you exactly what to do here, but it’s a maze. You’ll figure it out without much hassle anyway.

Shenmue III hide and seek hiding places guide

Just look at the flowers in Shenmue III.

The second kid

Next up, go around behind the nearby buildings. One of them should have an old lady on a porch with a ladder next to her. If you’re averse to looking up, you can simply talk to her and the camera will pan upward, revealing the kid hiding on the roof. Or you can probably just look up. I’m not sure on that since I’m apparently averse to looking up and talked to the old lady.

Shenmue III hide and seek hiding places guide

Her only mistake was failing to realize that there was a snitch in her midst. You better keep your eyes peeled when you walk past the school, grandma.

The third kid

Next up, we’ve got a kid in Shenmue III who thinks standing by a cart is good cover. You can stumble on him pretty easily or ask someone nearby who’ll tell you he went near the pond. He didn’t even have the wherewithal to get under the cart. No wonder no one else will play hide and seek with these kids. They’re terrible.

Screenshot (23)

The only kid who understands the concept of hiding in Shenmue III

The little ringleader of this rag-tag group of children is the head honcho for a reason. He actually understands that, in order to win and hide and seek, you have to actually hide. He’s hiding in a house nearby. You don’t even have to go inside, though, as a cutscene will trigger if you stand near the door. You can either go here directly or you can ask the lady practicing kung fu if she saw anything, and she’ll point you in the right direction. As far as I’m aware, you need to find him last, as the lady won’t have any information unless you’ve already found the other three.

Shenmue III hide and seek hiding places guide

The house in question.

And there you have it. You’ve successfully bested a group of fictional children by reading a guide written by someone who talked to fictional village people. Make sure and check back with us as we provide more Shenmue III guides and tips.

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