Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Disguises Outfits Wardrobe Guide

Disguises are an integral part if you wish to progress further in your investigations. After all, you need to fool a bunch of people to earn their trust and, subsequently, they might just point you in the right direction. Here’s our Sherlock Holmes Chapter One guide to help you get and use disguises or wardrobe outfits effectively.

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How to get and use disguises in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

The first time that disguises play a factor in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One is during the Master of Disguise mission. You’ll learn the basics there, and you’ll receive a couple of outfits to try out. However, many of these items won’t remain in your inventory once you’re done. You’ll actually need to purchase most of them from clothing vendor NPCs in Cordona.

All vendors have the same stock of items, so you don’t need to visit all of them to see if there’s anything unique. Some of the clothes and accessories are as cheap as five Manghirs (the currency on the island). But, a select few might be quite expensive.

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The disguises in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One are also tied to your reputation among the factions or local groups in Cordona. There are six of these:

  • Nobles/upper-class citizens – Bowler hat and mustache icon.
  • Ottomans – Fez and mustache icon.
  • Police – Police helmet icon.
  • Military – Sailor hat icon.
  • Working-class citizens – Miner’s helmet icon.
  • Vagabonds/criminals – An outline of a man with a rough beard.

If the reputation circle is in the green, that means those types of NPCs will view you favorably. In turn, they’ll answer your questions if you have evidence that’s pinned on your casebook. Lastly, this action isn’t required all the time. You just need to look at the evidence with an icon of a coat and hat. This implies that wearing a disguise or costume is needed to advance further.

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Sherlock Holmes Chapter One is available via Steam.

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