Sherlock Holmes Chapter One — Display Room (Fractured Memory)

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Display Room Fractured Memory Cabinet Of Curiosities

After you’ve finished The Muse From Abroad investigation, Verner Vogel will send a package to Stonewood Manor. Return there and you’ll see a large crate in the yard. Once opened, it’ll show a macabre statue of a “mermaid.” Here’s our Sherlock Holmes Chapter One guide to help you with the Display Room Fractured Memory.

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How to complete the Display Room Fractured Memory in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

Something odd can happen before you even get to the Display Room Fractured Memory in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One. Basically, an NPC pops up telling you that Mycroft has a sidequest for you. Then, once the crate is opened, Mycroft also appears to chide Sherlock.

Anyway, just go inside the manor. Examine the white circle and continue the scene. It’ll open the door to your right. Inside, you’ll see that the Display Room is still full of strange exhibits and macabre artifacts. As usual, you’ll want to examine everything here from the letters and notes to the suit of armor and other objects in the Cabinet of Curiosities.

Jon’s Challenge: Master of Unlocking

When you check Mycroft’s desk near the cabinet, Jon challenges you to open it. Activate your Concentration (“Q” key) and look at the white circle on the desk. The trail leads outside the room all the way to the second-floor landing. Mycroft seems to have hidden the key behind a painting. Take it and open the drawer.

You’ll find a bottle of alcohol, a gift from none other than Queen Victoria herself. Moreover, there’s a bunch of papers regarding Dr. Otto Richter, the physician who was caring for their mother Violet. Mycroft’s been digging into the doctor’s background.

Reconstruct the scene

Choose the following:

  • Sherlock and Jon are fiddling with Mycroft’s desk.
  • Sherlock and Jon are hiding behind the “mermaid” statue.
  • Mycroft is accosting Dr. Richter.

Once you’re finished, you’ll hear a knock on the door. Go back to the main hall to see that someone left a basket. Inside is a creepy mask. Looks like we’ll be doing the Sacrificial Lamb investigation.

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