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The Muse From Abroad investigation led you to Mercurio’s apartment. You found out that the woman in the painting with the devil was raped, and that she’s actually a pregnant refugee from Africa. It’s time to get to the bottom of this. Here’s our Sherlock Holmes Chapter One guide to help you with the Refugee Camp intruder crime scene in The Muse From Abroad investigation.

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How to solve the Refugee Camp crime scene in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

To reach the Refugee Camp in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, pin Jon’s “Redrawing of the Pregnant Girl using your casebook. Then, activate concentration (“Q” key) and look for any NPC from an African tribe (i.e., the “Yoruban” trait). You’ll learn that the location is under Victoria Bridge at the border of Silverton and Scaladio.

There are three objectives at the Refugee Camp crime scene:

  • Main objective – The thief from the gallery died here, so you have to check the crime scene.
  • Jon’s Challenge #1 – Find out if something else is going on here.
  • Jon’s Challenge #2 – Save the wounded refugee. We tackle this in a separate guide, so make sure you prioritize this.

These actually go hand in hand (for the most part). The gist is that you want to examine every numbered spot, as well as the intruder’s corpse.

Smuggling ring

To satisfy Jon’s curiosity, you’ll need to:

  • Eavesdrop on the two guards in front of the sewer gate. Pick camp lockdown, take refugees out, and money.
  • Next, pin “How Did the Intruder Get Into the Camp?” via your casebook to see the outlines of a boat, ladder, and sewer gate. The last clues that you don’t want to miss are the cigarette butts at the camp entrance.

Reconstruct the crime scene

To solve the Refugee Camp crime scene in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, make sure you’ve gathered all the clues. The orb should appear. Select the following (from right to left):

  • The woman was being dragged.
  • The intruder had a knife; the woman was trying to escape.
  • He pulled at her necklace.
  • The intruder was chased by another refugee.
  • He tripped on the crates.
  • Lastly, the intruder slipped and fell down the canal.

Talk to the two inspectors when you’re done. You should now be able to speak to the victim, Neila, in her hut. It’s time to deal with these perpetrators. Let’s talk about how we can conclude our investigation.

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