Sherlock Holmes Is Back

Ascaron have announced that ‘Sherlock Holmes: Nemesis’ will be released sometime in Q3 and will be called ‘Sherlcok Holmes Versus Arsène Lupin’ in Europe. My guess is it’ll sell better on the continent if it embraces our French friends.

The game will be developed by Frogwares, the guys responsible for the first Sherly title, ‘Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened’, but we’ll see French burglar extraodinaire, Arsène Lupin, stealing priceless objects everyday for five days trying to aggravate our beloved national hero. It’s up to you to find him, and stop him, and armed as Sherlock, there is no doubt in my mind you will.

All set in 19th century London, the game promises to be better than the last.

Let’s just hope the French don’t send Inspector Cluso to help Sherly, otherwise we might have a detective duo that get absolutely nowhere. Kato and Watson would probably have more luck…