Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Q&a

Frogwares is back with more answers to our burning Sherlock Holmes questions. The studio released its second Sherlock Homes Chapter One Q&A video about the upcoming Sherlock Holmes project today. Much like the first video back in January, the clip revealed some crucial details in the great detective’s origin story. Additionally, Frogwares Marketing Manager Sergey Oganesyan explored the possibility of a sequel and shared gameplay insights.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One follows the famous fictional detective’s start in the business at 21 years old. The game will explore some of Sherlock’s personal relationships at the time, including his best friend, Jon. As the Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Q&A revealed, Jon and Sherlock met in London at 8 years old. They’ve been inseparable ever since; practically like brothers. Jon helped Sherlock cope with his mother’s death, and he’ll be around for Sherlock’s new adventure. However, Oganesyan teased that their relationship may not be the same by the time players finish the game.


As for the other characters in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories, players will apparently see some familiar faces. Oganesyan couldn’t give names, but he did tease that fans may be surprised. Although young Sherlock is quite different from his adult self, fans will see how his early personal relationships and experiences shape the detective we know today.

The game is on — and it might have a future

Sherlock Holmes is a lover, not a fighter. Well, he’s a fighter when he needs to be. Oganesyan revealed in the Q&A that combat is included in the game, but only “where it’s justified by the story.” Players can choose how they fight and combat can result in an enemy death, but these kills will have an affect on Sherlock’s relationships. As for Sherlock’s famous profiling skills, they aren’t as polished in his early years. So, be prepared for some embarrassing mistakes.

Fans wondered if the “Chapter One” part of Sherlock Holmes Chapter One may imply that this is only the start of a series. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the intention. There are no plans for a sequel at this time, but Oganesyan didn’t write it off completely. In any case, there will “probably” be paid and free DLC, so the initial release won’t be the last of the new content.

We still don’t have an exact Sherlock Holmes Chapter One release date, but fans should expect it to arrive this year. In the meantime, Frogwares has asked fans for feedback on what it should reveal about the game next.

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