Rainbow Six Siege Shifting Tides Gadget Teaser

It seems like just yesterday that Ubisoft announced the name of their last year 4 content season for Rainbow Six Siege. Now, a teaser has dropped basically confirming the rumors about the newest operators. The teaser shows off the latest weapon and two new gadgets that will be coming with the new operators when Shifting Tides launches.

While only just over a minute long, the Shifting Tides gadget teaser is packed to the brim with information presented in character by Rainbow Six’s Director of R&D, Elena “Mira” Alvarez. There even is a full experiment briefing done in character to Rainbow Six’s leader, Harry. It’s great if you want to dig deeper into the Rainbow Six Siege lore.

The Indian sniper

The LV Explosive Lance is the latest sniper rifle entering the Rainbow Six armory, and it can penetrate two unreinforced walls in a single shot, destructive power only rivaled by a few shotguns. And just like Ash and Zofia before, this gun features an under-barrel launcher. It’s not clear what the projectile from this launcher will do, but considering how accurate the rest of the previously reported rumors are, it’s safe to say this will act as a Thatcher EMP alternative.

It’s enough to shred nearby devices without posing a serious risk to anyone caught in the blast radius…

The Kenyan defender

The second gadget up for testing here belongs to the Kenyan defender, the Mag-NET System, a magnetic system. The gadget appears to be throwable as opposed to Jager’s need to physically install his ADS anti-grenade gadget.

The Mag-NET System may pose an unpredictable challenge for some of our more reckless Operators. In short, they might blow themselves up if there’s a cleverly placed Mag-NET nearby…

It works exactly how you would expect. Grenade comes into the room, gets sucked up back into the device, and detonates harmlessly. It will be interesting to see what counters there are to this device. I’m guessing a Thatcher EMP or a well-cooked grenade will be enough to take it out. An interesting tidbit from the written report states that this will work on basically any projectile, from Capitao’s crossbow bolts to the projectile fired from the new LV Explosive Lance. Ubisoft is also posing the idea that placing one of these puppies off-site could lead to careless attackers blowing themselves up with their own ordinance.

The full operation reveal for Shifting Tides will take place during the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League Finals on November 10. There we will get a look at both new operators in detail as well as how the map Theme Park has been reworked.

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