Despite having not been officially announced, a fact sheet for Shogun 2: Total War has appeared, like a ninja, in the wilds of the internet.VE3D has the sheet, which we’ve summarised for you after the jump.Essentially, we’re in for brand new campaign map options, revolutionary multiplayer modes, and new AI (I can hear you breathing a sigh of relief from here, Total War fans.)We’ll have nine clans to choose between, but after that we get into some totally new territory with the “character-warlord,” which sounds like our avatar in the field. We’ll be able to take him online into 8-player battles, complete with their own leaderboards, as well as battle it out with a friend in an online campaign.The new AI has apparently been developed “according to Sun Tzu’s principles in the Art of War,” which sounds suspicious, but if true we’re all for it. This’ll presumably tie into the new battle features, including the multi-stage castle sieges, terrain features changing based on weather and time of day, the ability to set buildings on fire, and brand new coastal battles, with sand bars and reefs able to trap ships and islands that can be used for cover.The user interface will be streamlined, tutorials will explain the new features as you hit them, and it’s out in 2011. We can’t wait for more.

Paul Younger
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