Shootmania Storm is brewing at Nadeo

Nadeo and Ubisoft have officially unveiled the second entry in the ‘Maniaplanet’ model of games, which began with Trackmania and Trackmania 2 Canyon. Shootmania Storm will take the community-powered structure of the previous titles and apply it to an FPS. As with Trackmania 2 Canyon, the sub-heading of ‘Storm’ presumably refers to the first tileset that’ll be available to map creators.
Indeed, “feature extensive map editing capabilities, allowing players to customise, design and share their creations across the community” are promised (a good job, since that’s the whole idea with Maniaplanet games), as well as an updated ‘Maniaplanet 2.0’ system.
An open beta for Shootmania Storm will be launched “in the coming months”, which we’ll keep you updated on (not least because I’ll want to be in it myself).