ShootMania Storm

Originally due for release last month, Nadeo’s foray into the world of multiplayer FPS with ShootMania Storm has been pushed back to an April release. It’s not all bad news though; thanks to that delay, the game is now launching an open beta session so everyone can give it a try.

You can grab the client from the ManiaPlanet page and be sampling the arena-style shooter as fast as your bandwidth will allow. With over 25,000 custom maps being advertised, it should take you a while to see everything. If you’re a bit of a map-maker yourself, you could even add to that number with an effort or two of your own.

ShootMania will available to download and play “until the end of the open beta phase.” Unfortunately, Nadeo neglects to mention when that will actually be, so your fun could be curtailed at any moment.

Here’s a wub-wub filled trailer.

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