Should you give the Artifact to the Starborn in Starfield?

Should You Give The Artifact To The Starborn In Starfield
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You’ve probably been spending most of your time in Starfield’s main missions collecting Artifacts without much hassle. Sure, you’ll run into some combat scenarios, but nothing compares to when the Helix ship appears. It isn’t like anything you’ve seen before, and entities called Starborn are demanding that you hand over one of the Artifacts you nabbed. You now have the decision to either grav jump away, fight, or hand it over. So should you give the Artifact to the Starborn in Starfield? Let’s answer this question below.

Starfield: Should you fight, grav jump, or surrender the artifact to the Starborn?

You have three difficult choices to make, each one with their own consequences. Personally, I believe that you should not give the Artifact to the Starborn in Starfield. Instead, you should quickly grav jump back to New Atlantis. Let me explain more about each decision in detail below.

Should You Give The Artifact To The Starborn In Starfield Helix Grav Jump

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Grav jump to New Atlantis

This is the option I chose, and I believe it’s the safest and smartest. If you decide to go for this, the Starborn won’t be happy, but you can easily make it out alive. Just quickly head to your map, and set a grav jump to Jemison. It takes a few seconds to grav jump, but in that span of time, the Helix ship didn’t interrupt me. You’ve now secured the Artifact, but the Starborn will probably put a target on your back.

Surrendering the Artifact to the Starborn

Although this may be a safe option, no one on your crew will like your decision. You’ve now lost one of the Artifacts you could obtain, but the Starborn tell you that this was a smart decision. If you’re looking to make your companions happy, this probably isn’t a good option. And besides, grav jumping away doesn’t risk anything.

Fighting the Helix ship

Out of the three options, I believe this one is the worst one. At this point, you’re probably not at a huge level, nor is your ship very powerful. I was around level 15, and my ship was a fairly nice A class ship. But the Helix ship is around level 30, and their attacks and defenses are powerful. Their ship can also teleport and go invisible, so there’s a very slim chance that you’ll beat them. Sadly, if you do win, the Helix ship ends up escaping anyways. No reward for your hard work, so the best option is to grav jump.

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