Should You Pay Your Way Out With Gear Coins In Zenless Zone Zero
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Should you pay your way out with Gear Coins in Zenless Zone Zero?

Should I stay or should I go?

You can pay your way out in the Hollow of Zenless Zone Zero. However, there might be a compromise. To figure out if you should pay your way in Zenless Zone Zero with Gear Coins, this guide might make the choice easier. 

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If you can do the Hollow, you can collect Gear Coins specific to this feature. On top of that, while traversing the grid, you’ll also run into the other currencies in Zenless Zone Zero which helps with the progression of the game. Now, the question is should you pay your way out, or should you bank those Gold Coins for something better? 

Each grid you go into has various paths that open when you spend the Gold Coins. So holding on to them can help you earn other rewards which results in the potential of earning an S-Tier character.

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However, collecting and spending the Gear Coins at the end of the Hollow helps you get out. But, on the other hand, you can use Billy to open the exit in a more “traditional” manner. Meaning, that he breaks down the door which hurts him. In turn, when you go into combat with Billy, he’ll have a small amount of health gone

Should I save or bank the Gear Coins?

I usually save up the Gear Coin because the more I’ve saved, the more tiles I get access to. In turn, there are more rewards to collect. Doing this will make you earn pulls faster, plus, the only comprise is the health of Billy if you don’t spend the coins. If you’re okay with that tradeoff, then there are no downsides to this option. But if you miss out on getting Gear Coins to open up a new area in the Hollow, you can always reroll and reset in Zenless Zone Zero

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