Zenless Zone Zero Main Characters
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Should you pick Belle or Wise in Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ)?

Which MC should you choose?

Zenless Zone Zero features a choice between two protagonists just like other Hoyoverse gacha games, but there’s a unique twist this time around.

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The opening of the game lets you choose between two siblings — Belle and Wise — so it’s a similar setup to Genshin Impact with Aether and Lumine. Zenless Zone Zero does things differently, though, so the choice isn’t as big as you might think.

Belle vs Wise differences in ZZZ, explained

Zenless Zone Zero Belle Vs Wise
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You should choose whichever of the siblings you like more. Pay particular attention to their designs and especially their voice acting, since those are the biggest differences between the two.

Unlike other Hoyoverse games, both Wise and Belle are involved in the main story from the beginning regardless of who you pick. The sibling that you choose as the main character will be the one you control during exploration segments in between missions, while the other will act in a support role and hang out at your base of operations.

Also, you cannot bring the main character of Zenless Zone Zero into battles. Belle and Wise do not fight. You only control them when you’re exploring the city between missions and activities. You can only bring other units obtained from the gacha system into missions. You can’t explore the city as those agents, either, only as your chosen sibling.

Can you change the main character in Zenless Zone Zero?

There’s no way to change your main character once you’ve started Zenless Zone Zero, so choose carefully at the start of the game. Look up trailers and gameplay footage to get a feel for each sibling’s voice acting and animations so you don’t end up picking the wrong one. Remember that they’re not playable in battles, so it’s really just a cosmetic difference for the exploration sections of the game.

There are many more exciting characters that you’ll meet within the first few hours of your adventure in Zenless Zone Zero anyway, and you’ll be spending most of your time in missions grinding out currencies and resources regardless of which main character you choose.

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