Should you spare or execute Mordon in Unicorn Overlord?
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Should you spare or execute Mordon in Unicorn Overlord?

You may think it's right to execute him, but that may not be in your favor.

As you venture across the regions of Unicorn Overlord, you’ll encounter various NPCs you can challenge to battle. After defeating them, you decide whether to spare or execute them, with each decision having its own outcome.

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One early game example is Mordon, found during the Battle of Barbatimo. This guide will explain whether you should spare or execute Mordon in Unicorn Overlord.

Unicorn Overlord: Spare or execute Mordon?

At first, you may think the best decision is to execute Mordon in Unicorn Overlord due to his malicious behavior and the brutal challenge he put you up against. However, sparing Mordon will make him a member of your unit and unlock the ability to repair bridges. Mordon falls under the Warrior class, meaning he boasts excellent physical attack and can pierce through armored enemies. This makes him a great addition to the team.

Repairing bridges is a very useful tool in Unicorn Overlord, so I highly recommend you spare him. Once you unlock the ability to rebuild bridges, you can travel to new locations you previously couldn’t. This benefit far outweighs the war funds reward you receive when executing characters in the game.

Should you spare or execute Mordon in Unicorn Overlord?
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For example, one of the first broken bridges you’ll encounter is in the starting area of Cornia, north of the Battle of Barbatimo. Interacting with the bridge will result in one of your members mentioning you can’t travel further. After recruiting Mordon, you can now travel past the bridge and explore the new area, leading to new side quests, items, battles, etc.

Keep in mind that you’ll require specific materials to repair broken bridges you encounter. The amount and type of materials change depending on the bridge, but the game will activate a side quest for the materials, so you don’t need to remember on your own.

Can you change your decision after executing characters?

Unfortunately, if you have decided to execute Mordon and are just now reading this guide, you can’t change your decision unless you have a saved file from before the fight. It’s not all bad, though, as there are other characters you’ll encounter who can repair bridges. Kitra is one example, who is recruited naturally through the game’s main quest.

With that out of the way, learn more about the world of Unicorn Overlord by checking out how to get the card game dedicated to it!

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