Shovel Knight Dig Camp

The Order of No Quarter was defeated, but Shovel Knight’s adventures hasn’t ended yet. Five years after the original game, developers Yacht Club Games and Nitrome have revealed the next journey for our shovel-wielding hero. In Shovel Knight Dig, the blue warrior will head underground to take on a new nemesis, Drill Knight. And this time, we’re going full 16-bit.

While the first game focused on the world above, Shovel Knight Dig takes you down below. Drill Knight and his cronies have robbed Shovel Knight of all his hard-earned booty before escaping through the earth. One has to ponder the makings of such a plan, especially when you’re target literally owns a shovel. Digging into the ground, you chase down the fiend and his crew, unearthing more treasures to spend on items and upgrades.

The most standout feature in Shovel Knight Dig is the updated graphics. Shovel Knight was heavily influenced by 8-bit games of yore. However, the sequel adopts 16-bit art style and audio, making it look and sound better than ever before. The game also boasts improved animations, as well as some of that juicy parallax scrolling made popular by the games of that classic era in gaming. You’ll also be able to dig down into the ground to progress through stages. Finally, it looks like we’ll be able to use the shovel for its intended purpose, as opposed to bonking dragons on the head with it.

Shovel Knight Dig Burrower

Of course you will have to battle moles while underground. Hold up, are those flying rats with bombs?

I can dig it

While there are plenty of changes and improvements on the original game, expect some familiar features. For one, composer Jake Kaufman will return to produce the game’s soundtrack — just as he did with the first game. Additionally, there will be plenty of new characters (including bad guys to fight), but Yacht Club Games promises the return of some “familiar faces.” The developer says that Shovel Knight Dig will incorporate the same dedication as the original to storytelling, as well as having a good sense of humor.

Shovel Knight Dig doesn’t have a release date yet. However, it will likely land on PC somewhat soon. We’ll keep you informed on the when.

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