Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove comes to an end with its final two add-ons

Shovel Knight Shodown King of Cards released

It’s been a long time coming, but the Shovel Knight legacy is officially concluded today. Two new additions to the series are now available, and they’re free of charge to anyone who previously picked up Treasure Trove. Yacht Club Games has confirmed the arrival of the Shovel Knight Showdown and King of Cards expansions, which are also available as standalone games for $9.99 each.

The Treasure Trove is filled

Announced over a year ago, Shovel Knight Showdown serves as a local multiplayer get-together, where up to four players can take part in battles. They can choose from a number of the series’ characters, both friends and foes alike. In addition, there’s also a story mode that revolves around the characters that players select, no matter which way they go. This adds replay value to the game on top of its already entertaining multiplayer battles. Check out its latest trailer below.

The second game is the latest single-player adventure, titled Shovel Knight: King of Cards. In it, players take control of King Knight, a noble hero with dashing abilities. He’ll chronicle his journey to the throne over the course of his adventure, though he’ll run into some opposition along the way.

In addition, King of Cards includes a special collectible card game. It’s called Joustus, and with it, King Knight can take on all comers with a bit of strategy. It’s a neat addition to an already stacked game. Check out the trailer below.

Shovel Knight Showdown and King of Cards are available now for $9.99 apiece. Or, if you prefer to save a few bucks, you can buy Treasure Trove over on Steam for $39.99. It includes these two adventures, along with all of the previously released ones. Hopefully you already picked it up, though, as the price increased yesterday following the new releases. But if not, don’t let the price bump hold you back – this is still an incredible offer for a true treasure trove of content.